I’m a hamburger lover, so tried a lot of different hamburgers. Nowadays it’s very fashionable to open a hamburger place. In Geneva we have plenty places like that, but not everywhere food is delicious. My favourite place is Inglewood, for me they have the best hamburgers in Geneva and I think it is the best hamburgers I eat in my life. Very nice and trendy place owned by two brothers.

First Inglewood was opened in 2011 in Planpalais, now they have two restaurants in Geneva and one in Lausanne. First time I tried it in 2012, I was really surprised because it was full and there were people outside waiting for their tables. We were waiting 40 minutes to get the place but it’s worth it.

You can’t reserve the table so better come at 19h00-19h30 because after you need to wait to get the table, as well they are making food for takeaway, you can call to order and after you come to pick it up.

In Inglewood you can find burger for each taste, for example: beef, chicken, vegetables and all hamburgers have different toppings (avocado, raclette cheese, ricotta, bacon, mozzarella etc.). My favourite hamburger with beef is OURANOS (feta, eggplant, tomato, salad and sauce tzatziki). Every month they have new HAMBURGER OF THE MONTH. For example in December it’s with FOIE GRAS, because Christmas isn’t far a way. 🙂 The hamburgers are served with French fries and salad. All hamburgers can be served with vegetable steak or double beefsteak. If you don’t want the hamburger you can have a salad with chicken or goat cheese. They have delicious desserts (homemade), for example very tasty Oreo cheesecake.

This place I strongly recommend you!

Handy information:

    Inglewood Geneve

  • Address: Boulevard du Pont-d’Arve 44, 1205 Geneva
  • Telephone: 022 320 38 66
    Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 11h30-14h30 and 19h00-22h00

  • Address: Rue de Montchoisy 17, 1207 Geneva
  • Telephone: 022 700 27 85
    Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 11h30-14h30 and 19h00-22h00

  • Address: Rue Saint-Laurent 14, 1003 Lausanne
  • Telephone: 021 323 63 88
    Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 11h30-14h30 and 18h30-21h30

  • Website:
    photography courtesy of Inglewood

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