I suppose everyone knows famous Swiss cheese Gruyère 🙂 yummy.
This post isn’t about cheese but it’s about town. This medieval town located in the canton Fribourg. Gruyère is lovely and small, the tourists love this place. You can find markets with local products like cheese, beef, milk, sweets etc.

Sometimes just in centre the musicians playing traditional music with alphorns and they are wearing classics Swiss clothes. We were lucky to see it during our visit.
There are a lot of restaurants with Swiss food (raclette, rösti, fondue, Vacherin cheese, croûte au fromage); you should absolutely try fondue with local wine. Most of the restaurants are supplied by terrace with the amazing views of mountains. We eat in one restaurant like that and it was superb. Unfortunately we were in winter time and it was a little bit cold but we still had our lunch on the terrace and we enjoyed a lot.

During the wintertime there is a Christmas market that brings you in the world of holiday’s magic. You can taste regional culinary delights, drink hot wine and you can buy small presents for Christmas. You will be surround by warm and festive atmosphere. I love Christmas markets; for me it’s fantastic spending of the time.

HR Giger bar (alien bar)
Giger bar designed in alien style by Swiss artist H. R. Giger; there are two bars in Switzerland, another one located in Chur. It’s unusual place but we really liked it. Funny and bizarre concept is attracting people, we went in afternoon and it was full!

Handy information:

  • Restaurant Gruyère Traditions
  • Address:
    Rue du Bourg 20
    1663 Gruyère
    Telephone: 026 921 30 90

  • Restaurant le Chalet de Gruyères
  • Address:
    Rue du Bourg 53
    1663 Gruyère
    Telephone: 026 921 21 54

  • HR Giger bar
  • April- October
    Open every day 10am-8:30pm
    November- March
    Tuesday-Sunday 10am-8:30pm

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