Oooooooh Luigia! It is my favorite pizzeria in town. I really love this place, delicious food, all the time crowded and I have impression that all people who works there are Italians and it makes you feel like you are in Italy 🙂

In my previous post I have mentioned that it’s the same owner as Capocaccia, so the place is also in Italian style. It’s very nice venue to go with kids, with friends or family. Unfortunately they don’t take reservations but normally you get the table quickly enough. They have kids space, while waiting the food kids can play there. You can find them in Geneva, Nyon and Lausanne.

When my brother comes to visit me we regularly goes to Luigia to have a diner and sometimes we order takeaway. Every time I go there and discover new delicious plates. They are cooking pizza in a wooden oven that makes the taste more special. And you can watch how they are doing pizzas because it’s located in the dining area.

I’ll share with you some of my favorite dishes:

Focaccia Lapa with bresaola, ricotta and roquette
Linguine wish shrimps and zucchini
Luigia petals with truffle, mozzarella di buffalo, ham (to die for)
Paccheri alla calabrese

Next time I really want to try pizza with Nutella, everyone tells that it’s yummy! 🙂 Each time it’s a pleasure to eat in Luigia.
P.S. Definitely the best pizza in Geneva

Handy information:

  • Geneva:
  • 1. Rue Adrien-Lachenal 24A
    1207 Geneve
    Telephone: 022 840 15 15
    2. Chemin de la Tourelle 2
    1209 Petit-Saconnex
    Telephone: 022 788 77 70

  • Nyon:
  • Rue Jules-Gachet 2
    1260 Nyon
    Telephone: 022 310 09 00

  • Lausanne:
  • Rue Saint-Pierre 3
    1003 Lausanne
    Telephone: 021 552 03 03

    They don’t take the reservations
    photography courtesy of Luigia

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