Scenic panorama view of traditional paddle steamer excursion ship with historic Chateau de Chillon at famous Lake Geneva, Canton of Vaud Switzerland

Let me introduce to you the capital of Vaud Riviera, Montreux!
The town of Montreux with its mild climate stretches along the beautiful shores of Lake


It lays on the foot of the magnificent snow-covered Alps surrounded by mountain villages and vineyards.
The unique beauty of the vineyard terraces fascinates many artists, poets and touches the soul of every visitor.

The UNESCO-listed Lavaux vineyard is the jewel of Vaud Riviera. What can be better than a sip of wine or bubbly at the terrace of the lounge cafe “Le deck” with the fascinating views of the vineyards and the lake?! Or maybe, wine tasting at one of the family wineries where you can experience the warm welcome of the vine-growers who shaped these beautiful terraces for generations upon generations?!

Since the town nestles in the bay of Geneva Lake, it is also the perfect place to take a steamboat cruise. You should know that there are very few places in the world where you can still enjoy a steamboat ride cause nowadays steamboats are a rare breed. Most of them got wrecked, worn out or burned. So don’t miss the chance!

Montreux is also well know for its annual cultural event, a definite must-see, Jazz Festival and several world-wide famous people who used to live here: Freddie Mercury ( Queen recorded seven of their albums in Montreux), Charlie Chaplin ( Charlie Chaplin Museum), Coco Chanel and Vladimir Nabokov ( both chose the magnificent Le Montreux Palace, date from Belle Époque, as their residential place) etc.

Montreux Jazz festival is one of the most significant events in the music world. For 16 days in June-July you can enjoy jazz, blues, rap, pop and soul music. Initially it meant to be a jazz only festival but now it widened its musical horizons.

This week-long festival attracts big names from all around the world. If you love music, this is the place to visit!

The highlight of any trip to Montreux area is a romantic 13th century Chillon castle. One of the best promenade is along this enchanted castle. Beautifully located on the top of the rock in the lake waters, it is known as Switzerland’s most beautiful and most visited castle. It served as an inspiration and the subject of a poem by Lord Byron ‘ The prisoner of Chillon’.
Byron, as a typical tourist and like many of us wanted to leave his print for eternity and carved his name on one of the seven pillars in Chillon’s dungeon😁 which made this castle even more popular.

Since Montreux is a resort town, the best time of the year to enjoy it is spring and summer. There are plenty of destinations outside of the town for relaxed excursions as well as fantastic activities.
Local wine, fresh Alpian air, postcard-perfect views, beautiful promenade is waiting for you in this amazing place!!!

3 thoughts on “Enchanted Montreux, place to fall in love with”

  1. I love the Geneva Lake. I have unfortunately only been there twice – once was work-related so I didn’t see much. I must come back! #culturedkids

  2. Being from Burghausen (home to a rival jazz festival) we usually don’t tend to be great fans of Montreux, but your post really changed my mind.

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