If you are planning to spend your holidays in Switzerland, here we will show you some beautiful photos of places to see in Switzerland.

Lavaux Vineyard Terraces

Lavaux is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

In Lavaux you can visit wine discovery centre called “Lavaux Vinorama”, more than 290 wines from all over the region are on display.

Here you can try a glass of fine wine from this Unique region, and enjoy a beautiful view over the lake and mountains.

Lavaux Vineyard Terraces

Brig, Switzerland
Montreux, Switzerland

Montreux is a one of the most famous cities in Switzerland, known for it’s The Montreux Jazz Festival. It is held annually in July since 1967, at the Montreux Music & Convention Centre, built in 1973 and has become a global phenomenon.
Montreux is a perfect place for a Swiss holidays!

Well, this will be our first portion Switzerland pictures, we hope you enjoyed.
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Photography credit: Yevgen Romanenko

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