I know it’s almost summer and we don’t want to hear about now and winter…But I want to share with you our last winter getaway.

I love snow and I really enjoy being in the mountains villages.Last time for skiing we went to Chamonix, it’s one of my favourite winter destinations.This village located in France, 1 hour away from Geneva. There you can find shops, restaurants, bars, spa and ski slopes. It’s very famous address for ski and snowboards lovers. We went there several times even without skiing, for weekend or one day trip.

We reserved a 5 stars hotel Auberge du Bois Prin, which was very nice! It is very small and cosy wooden house. You can use free parking space of the hotel. The place located not far away from the lifts, 10 minutes by walk. Below you will find the address and also I wrote the address from our previous stay, it was Le Refuge des Aiglons, 4 stars hotel with nice location and nice SPA.

We rented our skies just next to the lift. It’s very nice place and not so expensive with a big variety of skis and snowboards, they have helpful and kind staff. If you rent your material, I really suggest you to take it there.

On the main street you can find different restaurants, shops and bakeries. If you are sweet lover you should try aux petits gourmands. For me they have one of the best desserts. Huge variety of cakes, chocolates, desserts! Very nice spot to have a lunch on the terrace with mountains view is La Terrasse. I tried their hamburger which was very tasty! After lunch we had a drink and enjoyed the sun!

I have never been in Chamonix during summer time but I heard that it’s very beautiful and colourful. In couple of months I’ll go there to see it by myself 🙂

Handy Information:


    • Auberge du Bois Prin
      Adresse : 69 Chemin de l’Hermine,
      74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
      Telephone : +33 4 50 53 33 51
    • Le Refuge des Aiglons
      Adresse : 270 Avenue de Courmayeur,
      74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
      Telephone : +33 4 50 55 90 93


    • La Terrasse
      Adresse : 43 Place Balmat,
      74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
      Telephone : +33 4 50 53 09 95

Ski rent:

    • Bozon Sports
      Adresse : 18 Route Henriette d’Angeville,
      74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
      Telephone : +33 9 54 37 60 37
      Opening hours :
      Monday to Sunday : 09h00 to 18h00

Pastry shop:

    • Aux petits gourmands
      Adresse : 168 rue du Dr Paccard
      74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
      Telephone number : +33 4 50 53 01 59

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