Last weekend I went with my mother for a day trip by train around Switzerland. We decided to go to Thun.
In the morning we took the train from Geneva to Thun (we changed the train in Bern, there isn’t direct train), along the way the views are fascinating!

It’s not far away from Geneva, around 2h30.

When we arrived we went for a walk in the city centre, the train station located just in the centre which is very comfortable. And in front of train station you have a boat stops. It’s a really alluring and marvellous city! Thun surrounded by the mountains and lake, you have impression that mountains are just here, next to you.

On Saturdays they have markets in the city centre and board of Aare River (the longest river in Switzerland). We saw some people making surf and paddle along the river and lake. There are the locks on the river which making the waves for the surfers. The water is so clean and have emerald colour.

In the old town you can find a lot of restaurants with their terraces. We took a lunch in a small Italian restaurant located next to the river with a nice view. Afterwards we took an ice cream and we walked down by the river and lake. One of the things that you should visit is a Thun castle. This castle was built in 12th century, now it is museum and national significance.

At the end we took a boat direction Interlaken, and we stopped in Spiez. The boat trip is breath-taking; the small villages around the lake are amazing and charming. Everything is green! I couldn’t stop taking the pictures 🙂 Lovely houses standing by the lake. Spiez is very small village with a beautiful port; just in front of the lake you have a restaurant with a big terrace. We walked up to the hill to the train station and we took a train to go back to Geneva (with a stop in Bern).

It was a lovely day with a lot of emotions!

Handy Information:

    • Thun castle
      Web site:
      Schlossberg 1
      CH-3600 Thun
    • Entrance fee:
      Adults 10 CHF
    • Opening hours:
      April through to October: daily 10.00 am – 5 pm
      November to January: every Sunday from 1 pm – 4 pm
      (open daily between 24th December 2016 and 1st January 2017)
      February and March: daily 1 pm – 4 pm

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