Last weekend my brother and I went to Megève (France) for skiing and walking around. It’s nice destination for weekend getaway, it’s just 1 hour drive from Geneva.

Sometimes when it’s difficult to reserve the hotel, we go there for a day but of course it’s much better to stay for a night because you can enjoy late diner and drinks after skiing. The village is luxury and very lively during the day and night.

At 17h00 the lifts are closing so everyone going down to Megève to have a drink before diner. Almost all bars have terraces with the music, so the ambience in the evening is festive. People are having the drinks and dancing outside. One of my favourite place is Le Bistro de Megève, they have very beautiful and warm terrace (with the heaters). 🙂

We stayed in a small hotel called Gai Soleil, located 10 minutes’ walk from the centre and ski lift. The room had a balcony and it was small cosy place with ‘chalet style’. The woman on reception was very helpful; she gave us some directions for rent of ski and where to buy the passes. Next to the hotel there is a food store where you can buy some fruits, water etc.

If you don’t have your proper ski or snowboard you can rent it without any problem, like in our case we rented the ski just next to the lift which was very comfortable. The guys provided us a good service and they were very kind and cooperative. Unfortunately not all lifts was opened because of low level of snow, but still it was cool and we had a great time!

On the main street you have different restaurants and bars, during the weekend in the evening there is music and outside bars serving the drinks, so after skiing you can warm yourself with some hot wine. Sunday we had a lunch in the restaurant Au Cœur de Megève (it’s mean in the heart of Megève, which is true) it’s located really in the centre of the village. Cosy and tasty restaurant located on the ground floor of hotel. Even during the weekend they are serving dish of the day on lunch, which is very rare during the weekend. After our meal we went for coffee and desert to Ladurée, as usual delicious and enjoyable atmosphere. We stayed on the terrace; you can ask for a blanket if you are cold.

Handy Information:

  • Hotel Gai Soleil
  • 343 Rue du Crêt du Midi, 74120 Megève, France
    Téléphone +33 4 50 21 00 70

  • Ladurée
  • 88 Rue Charles Feige, 74120 Megève, France
    Téléphone +33 4 50 53 32 03

  • Le Bistro de Megève
  • 76 Rue Charles Feige, 74120 Megève, France
    Téléphone +33 4 50 21 32 74

  • Le restaurant: Au Cœur de Megève
  • 44 Rue Charles Feige, 74120 Megève, France
    Téléphone +33 4 50 21 25 30

    Photo credit: Yevgen Romanenko

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