Edelweiss is the best typical Swiss restaurant in Geneva with local food and traditional live music, which is located in the Hotel Edelweiss in Paquis.

I really like this restaurant because when you go there you feel like you are somewhere in the mountains in Chalet, eating fondue.
The hotel and restaurant decorated like wooden houses in mountains, it is very cosy and balmy. Just in the city centre you can relocate yourself to the Swiss Alps. They have two levels, you can seat upstairs and watching the show from the balcony or you can choose first floor and seat in front of the musicians.

They are serving local dishes (fondue, roesti, sliced veal Zurichoise etc) from regional products. I tried fondue motie-motie (Marsens, Gryère cheese 2 years old and Vacherin Fribourgeois 5 months old) dry beef plate and apple strudel with Swiss wine. Food is delicious! They have plenty different styles of fondue, even beef fondue. During the diner clients are enjoying Suisse songs and music and even you can participate in the show. The waiters and musicians wear traditional Swiss cloths. Last time I brought my mother there and she loved that place! She really felt the allure of the Swiss hospitality and culture. The best time to go there when it isn’t very hot.

Diners in Edelweiss are unforgettable! 🙂 After diner you can try cocktails in Café Arts (you will find more details in my next article).

Handy Information:

  • Address :
  • Place de la Navigation 2,
    1201 Geneva

  • Telephone :
  • 022 544 51 51

    Reservation required

    Images source: Hotel Edelweiss Genève

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